Dear Older Woman in the Church,

Six years ago an older woman from church invited me and a few other young ladies to come into her home so that she could teach us how to cook some of her favorite meals. In her kitchen we learned how to cook a variety of home cooked meals and desserts. One day as her husband was leaving to go minister to the homeless, he asked if she was coming out to the location to serve later. “This is my ministry” she told him. And until then I never heard of a ministry in the home let alone a kitchen. But a few years later I realized that this ministry is a part of Titus 2 when an older woman invested into pouring into the younger women instead of judging, gossiping, or criticizing. Whether that be the way they dress, the way they parent their children, lack of direction, or what seems a cycle of mistakes.

Dear older woman,

The word I ask of you is share. Simply share your seasons of life with us. This is not a ministry beneath the pulpit or low on the importance scale, and just because we are in our late 20’s or mid 30’s doesn’t mean we are exempt from needing this guidance… we need it the more. We are approaching the age of new responsibilities and some are heavier to carry than others yet we still need help navigating these different responsibilities. The new responsibilities of raising a family, being a wife, taking care of sick parents, losing parents, and for some women; honing in on the height of their careers while balancing it all are very stressful times and a lot of us are truly struggling in our seasons of newfound responsibilities and the last thing we need is critical opinions or slander. Instead we need your wisdom from when you came out of that season.

It may seem like a day of the past to you but your wisdom is ever-present in someone’s life as they navigate that season. Some of us need help raising our children not physically but spiritually so let us know how you prayed that child through. Let us in on that wisdom of how you survived that divorce. Share your wisdom of how you survived widowhood or how you bounced back after becoming a teen or a young mom. Share with us your wisdom on being a wife in every season through sickness, poor, and worse. Share with us how you managed to be a successful stay at home mom and homemaker in the midst of feeling like it was a thankless and stressful job. How did you handle losing a parent? A child? How did you stay content in singleness? You have passed these seasons and your mistakes, trials, and successes are like gold to us that you can pass along as we navigate through our individual seasons.

“I would have done this earlier, but it seem to me the younger ladies don’t need us” the woman said as she taught us how to cook meatloaf. I assured her that although it may seem true for some, it was not true for all and I was thankful that she reached out to teach. You may not feel qualified, or feel you have “arrived”, or feel like the younger generation will reject your wisdom and advice, but I can assure you that your wisdom and encouragement is needed and generational because as you pour into us, you are pouring into the next generation of women that come after us as well.

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