First Comes Then Comes Marriage II

At the 2003 annual meeting of the American Psychological Society, researchers reported that over 60% of college students who had pledged virginity during their middle or high school years had broken their vow to remain abstinent until marriage. Putting a purity ring on your finger, making a vow to Christ, or making a pledge is not the end, but the beginning. When you make a major decision to follow the ways of Christ, there is a high chance of resistance from your flesh at first. So what do we do once we have made that decision, took the ring, and made the pledge? What happens when: Society says it is impossible and unrealistic? You still struggle with lust? You have already had pre-marital sex? Your decision becomes tough? Condemnation starts setting in from the past? This follow up book goes further into the journey of first and secondary virginity.

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