Welcome To My Blog

Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Ronnesha and writing is both my passion and gift. It all started in December 2000 when I received a journal for Christmas, and I have been writing ever since. I believe God has given me this gift to help others through writing and books. I am the author of First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage I & II and although my writing can be for anyone, I  feel particularly drawn to teens and the struggles they face daily.  I am a firm believer in quality over quantity, so there may be times I blog a lot and other times I blog very little. I pretty much blog as I am led to share. If you enjoy the blogs you have read so far, please subscribe to follow my blog and you will get an update when I do post. Also, feel free to contact me below. Thanks again for visiting. 50302006_2343119592640960_2386531434522214400_o


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